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Superfit Doors Service
Superfit Doors install and repair garage doors in the following areas: Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Rand and Midrand.

Superfit Garage Doors

Here you will find the right garage doors directly from Superfit. Visit the main website at Superfit Doors.

  • Hand crafted custom wooden garage doors or made on order in standard or custom sizes.
  • Standard Wooden garage doors
  • Aluminium doors that require very little maintenance
  • Aluzinc and Roll up garage doors for residential and commercial use.

Wooden Panel Garage Doors

Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluzinc Garage Doors


Roll Up Garage Doors




High quality wooden, aluminium, aluzinc and roll-a-door fully automated and professionally installed. Call us today for your new garage doors.

Garage Doors Pretoria

New Garage Doors

When your garage door is harmed or you require it replaced for another reason, you require an excellent quality garage door. Getting cheap ones from a price cut website or shop, or purchasing used is a bad idea for a few reasons. There is nothing incorrect with saving money, however below are some major reasons not to try to save cash on the garage door itself by going inexpensive.

Initially, you most likely aren’t going to save that much money. Many of the doors that are for sale, used specifically, aren’t going to be much less than a new aluminum door, and unless you can find a major deal, you are most likely going to be happier paying a little more for a quality door.

Second, you can’t set up a door yourself. Installing one requires know-how and a professional technician because they are heavy, unsafe and unwieldy to set up, particularly when it pertains to the tension springs. You should understand exactly what you are doing or you could end up with a major injury.

Third, you may not have the ability to discover a company that will set up utilized or cheap doors. Companies usually want to provide the door if they are going to install it, and don’t think that is simply due to the fact that it is even more money in their pocket. There are significant liability concerns that feature setting up a door that may not work properly or could trigger someone injury.

Fourth, you will not have any sort of service warranty or protection if the door does not work. Because you will likely be installing it yourself, you aren’t going to have anywhere to turn if the garage door does not work effectively or if you do damages to it by attempting to install it yourself. If the garage door stops working for some reason, an expert business will stand behind a setup.

Fifth, you may not have the ability to discover one that fits effectively, and that implies that you have a harmful, incredibly heavy item that your kids, pets and you yourself are walking under. You require one fits exactly or you run the risk of having one that opens improperly or occasionally not. You also run the danger of purchasing a secondhand garage door that has not been appropriately maintained and that indicates trouble for the buyer.

Sixth, you could encounter issues getting service down the roadway, or if you wish to update the garage to consist of a remote. If yours did not included your home, it is always best to have it installed by an expert service company, because if you need the springs replaced or other maintenance in the future, you will certainly currently have a business that is familiar with the door, and knows precisely what requires to be done to service it.

A professional business like Superfit Doors will certainly stand behind an installation if the garage door stops working for some reason.

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